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Кресло – игольница

Продолжаю показывать свои работы.
Кресло-игольница The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio "The garden chair " . Вышивалось на 32 count 'Mint Green' Belfast Linen from Zweigart.
Дизайн Janie Hubble

Сайт  thecatswhiskersbulletinboard.yuku.com
"Janie Hubble, the designer behind The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio Pty Ltd lives with her husband and two cats (Oscar and Lilli) in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. Her two children have flown the coop - her daughter Emily is a fledging fashion designer in Sydney, New South Wales, and her son Tom is study multi-media in Perth and hopes to make it to Hollywood one day.

By day Janie and her husband Frank own and run a graphic design and digital print shop, and by night she designs and stitches for The Cat's Whiskers. She works on the belief that rest is optional and that there are not enough hours in each day to take any of them off for such a trivial thing as sleeping! She is often heard to mutter 'so many designs to commit to paper ... so little time to do it in'.

Janie's designs are full of colour and fun, and reflect her graphic design background. Combining cross stitch with decorative embroidery stitches, Janie likes to take her designing beyond the flat, two-dimensional form. She is very fond of stitching accessories, and small three-dimensional stitched objects, and designs lots of them. She thinks that no stitcher can ever have too many stitching accessories and believes that it is part of her mission in life as a designer is to ensure that stitchers have lots of accessory designs to choose from.

Janie enjoys teaching and says that with the right instructions and lots of encouragement everyone can complete stitching projects they can be proud of. Janie's teaching style is warm and friendly, and she loves to have a giggle in class. Her teaching specialty is finishing techniques (something that a lot of stitchers are afraid of) and she often runs finishing classes for her projects in Perth.

Janie looks forward to having you in her class and promises that a great time will be had by all.

PS: Janie's hair color will have probably changed three times before you see her in class - but then, a change is as good as a holiday ;-)"
Источник: http://www.threadnneedle.com/janie.htm

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